FilGoal | News | Abu Raida: Happy to choose Musimani to train Al-Ahly .. Football is the most important link between the peoples of Africa


Hani Abu Raida, a member of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and the Executive Office of the Confederation of African Confederation (CAF), expressed his happiness that South African Pitso Musimani took over Al-Ahly training.

Abu Raida said through his official Facebook account: “I am very pleased with the news of Mr. Pitso Musimane taking over the technical leadership of the African giant Al-Ahly Club.”

He added, “The most precious and encouraging such steps, and I hope African clubs and teams will follow the same path and give opportunities to coaches and players from within the continent. I have always stood and will always stand with African football.”

Abu Raida commented on the statements of Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa, in which he expressed his happiness that his countryman Musimane took over the technical management of Al-Ahly.

Abu Raida talked about the statements of the South African president, “His Excellency the President, precious words, football was and still is one of the most important links between the peoples of the continent, and it is time to make the matter more serious by exchanging talents and competencies within our African continent.”


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