FilGoal | News | African semi-final – Taha Ismail in Joule: Musimani has to play that way in one case


A few days separate us from the semi-finals of the CAF Champions League, Al-Ahly meets Wydad, Zamalek and Raja. reviews the opinions of Egyptian football stars regarding every match.

And now, Taha Ismail, the former Al-Ahly star, will talk about the Wydad confrontation that will take place next Saturday.

** How does Pitso Musimane fight against Wydad?

I think that Musimane is very confused whether he starts 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. In my opinion, he chooses the second to secure the midfield and keep the defense with the need to attack, this means that he should be balanced in performance.

When you play in this way, the third midfielder, next to Amr Al-Sulaia, and Aliou Diang “Bta Koura” should be between the defenders and with the attacking trio.

For example, former Al-Ahly coach Rene Fyler, when he faced Mamelodi Sun Downs, the third player in the middle was Mahmoud Metwally and he could move the ball well, but unfortunately, he is currently injured.

Musimane’s confusion currently comes due to the lack of a player who can fulfill this role, so if he does not see that whoever will participate will apply the role well, I think he will return to using the 4-2-3-1 play method.

Because the most important thing in the third midfielder is to control the ball well, pass without a mistake and have great physical strength, and unfortunately Karim Nedved is injured as well.

Afsha is a physically weak player, and the passes sometimes are wrong. Saleh Jumaa is far from the match, and his physical fitness will certainly not help him in a place that needs a lot of effort.

** Marwan Mohsen or Aliu Badji?

I prefer to start with Budji because his physical strength and his height allow him to excel in the high balls as well as the state of defense to help his teammates and Mohamed El Shennawi.

He will also play the role of the attacker “station” to move the team from defense to attack.

It is possible to start with Marouan in the second leg, despite my vision that he can play in Morocco because he is doing well with Musimane and he scored two goals, and Musimani’s method of transferring the ball quickly and switching places benefits Marwan.

But I believe starting with Budgie is best.


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