FilGoal | News | Al-Badri talks about “hope” by Warda … Hegazy, who worries him, and letters to Mustafa Muhammad and Hamdi Fathy


Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the Egyptian national team, refused to settle the fate of Amr Warda from joining the ranks of the Pharaohs, contenting himself with “Let us give him some hope.”

Al-Badri spoke on the “Ontime Sports” channel today, Friday, saying: “There is communication between me and Warda and he informed me of his joining a new club several days ago.”

When asked if he would join the national team, he replied, “Let us give him some hope.”

Al-Badri went on to talk about the national camp and said: “I agreed with the Football Association to start an open camp for the Egyptian team in the hope of seeing the largest number of players until the rest join.”

And about the reason for not hiring Tariq Suleiman, the former coach of Al-Ahly guards, he explained, “This came because of his connection to Al-Ahly work at that time, and Ayman Taher is a wonderful coach.”

Commentary on the national team players

Regarding problems with positions in the national team, he said: “The spearhead is not stable in that place. Each center is supposed to include players at the highest level, the right or left back sometimes there is no alternative. The center of the defense has a lot of injuries, this is what worries me.” .

When asked whether there was anyone who dazzled him in the league, he replied, “There is no one who dazzled me in the league, but there are those who caught my eye, such as Mohamed Sharif, and Al-Winch is a great candidate to join the national team, performing well recently and the timing of his matches is distinguished.”

On the authority of Muhammad Ibrahim, he said: “In Egypt, he performs the clearing better than before. A candidate to join, of course, I say it again. I want the largest number of candidates until the time of selection.”

As for Mustafa Mohamed, the Zamalek striker, he said: “He needs a lot of work. His constant participation with Zamalek is important to me. I hope that his exclusion from the Zamalek and Al-Masry meeting for a technical reason is not a wonderful technical material.”

When asked whether he was satisfied with Ahmed Hassan “Coca”, the Olympiacos striker, he replied, “He is convinced that his position is similar to Marwan Mohsen, because Coca has always been in the test, and this matter also affected Marawan Mohsen, although he is a good player.”

On the authority of Ahmed Hegazy, he said: “His frequent absence due to injury worries me, because Hegazy needs time to return to fitness, this is his nature.”

Al-Badri continued, “I hope that Hamdi Fathy and Electrification will return to their level. Hamdi has much more than his current level.”

On the authority of Walid Suleiman, the Al-Ahly player, he said: “It is very possible to include him. We see his positive impact with Al-Ahly, as he is an experienced and skilled player.”

As for Ramadan Sobhi, he said: “If the national team needs it, I will include it. I do not consider anything but the interest of the national team.”

When asked about the goalkeeper, he said: “Muhammad Al-Shennawi and Muhammad Abu Jabal are definitely the closest to the team, and competition will be between them, but there must be a third goalkeeper with us who has some specifications and maintains stability.”


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