FilGoal | News | Alaa Abdel-Ghani tells in Al-Jules the scenes of his fight with Musimani in 2016 … and this is how he intends to receive him


Alaa Abdel-Ghani, the assistant coach of the Arab Contractors, told the scenes of his fight with Pitso Musimane, the new Al-Ahly coach in 2016.

Al-Ahly is the highest official Pitso Musimane took over as coach of the team, succeeding Renee Fyler, the former Swiss coach.

In 2016 Alaa Abdel-Ghani was an assistant coach in the Zamalek apparatus, while Musimani was coach of the Sun Downs when it faced the CAF Champions League final.

Alaa Abdul-Ghani said toFilGoal.comMosimane teaches me well, and I know that when he sees me on Sunday he will quickly remember me for what happened between us in the 2016 African Champions League final.

He added, “Sundowns scored the first goal from offside, but he was counted, so I objected vehemently, but he shouted at us and asked me to sit more than once, so I told him to jerk the stadium (Hitigua Egypt and see).”

Abdel-Ghani continued, “In the second leg, as soon as he came to the stadium, he came to shake hands with me, and Zamalek was trying a lot on the goal and with every ball he was talking to us and asking us to calm down.

The contractor coach continued, “Musimani is a calm person, but he is very provocative in front of his opponent, and I think this is a success from him. We watched him in a conference before confronting Zamalek and before winning over Al-Ahly, he always succeeds in talking.”

“On the field, he also talks to his players constantly and manages to influence his opponent by provoking them,” he said.

Abdel-Ghani continued, “He is a very, very much coach, and he succeeds in changing the game plan in the same match more than once, but this was with Sundowns. Will Al-Ahly players succeed in that? This is what we will discover.”

He concluded, “When I meet him on Sunday, I know that he will teach me well because of 2016, but there is no problem between us, we were rocking a stadium and I will go to shake hands.”

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the Arab Contractors, next Sunday, in the 31st round of the league. A match that will be the first for Pitso Mosimane as coach of Al-Ahly club.


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