FilGoal | News | Amr Gamal tells of the moments he received a “bullet in the heart” in front of the Congo … Salah’s position and Cooper’s reaction


Amr Gamal, the Al-Jaish striker, loaned to him from Al-Ahly, recalled the moments of the Congo national team’s draw with Egypt before Mohamed Salah scored the winning goal and qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

“When the Congolese national team scored the equalizer, I felt as if I had been shot in my heart,” Amr Gamal told Ontime Sports.

And he continued, “I saw Mohamed Salah fall to the ground of sadness before he tried to motivate us, and I looked at the stadium screen to see that the original time for the meeting had ended, and I was looking at the bench seats and grief on everyone’s faces.”

“Cooper told us after the match that we made him die while he was alive,” he added.

Regarding the penalty kick, he said, laughing, “We all left the ball for Salah and went back.”

And he added, “Salah hit the ball in this way in the last session against Essam El-Hadary three times, and Al-Hadra tackled them all. In the meeting, the goal came, success. If you have the ball, the ball will enter the net. This kick was more difficult than Magdy Abdel-Ghani’s penalty kick in the 1990 World Cup against the Netherlands.”

Amr Gamal concluded, “Even if qualification for the 2022 World Cup came in the same way, the kick would not be as difficult as the one that Salah paid against Congo.”


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