FilGoal | News | An exceptional competition? The Philippine League season will be held over two weeks


The Philippine League is going through great chaos in light of the Corona virus crisis, so the solution was to establish a one-round league, with each team playing only 5 matches to determine the title.

The league was suspended last March, and returned behind closed doors and its matches are being held in a “believer bubble” at the National Stadium, 40 km from the capital, Manila.

The season began with United City’s 1-0 victory over Azkals, while Kaya beat Maharikla by the same result on the 28th of October, and then the competition was stopped due to an increase in the number of people infected with Corona and an upcoming air cyclone.

The season is scheduled to end on November 12, which means that all 6 teams have one chance to win the title.

Don Balamy, the coach of the Philippine national team, commented on the reason for holding the tournament in this exceptional way to “AFP”: “It is related to financial and logistical reasons, as well as gathering all players and technical teams in hotels and taking them to play matches.”

He added, “There is a little money, but the cost is very high. All the teams are in one hotel, and the swabs are done periodically, but there are unusual expenses that the competition cannot cover.”

“Everyone wants to play the matches, we owe it to the sponsors that are still participating, the players and the fans. They were all keen to have a league, however short its duration,” Palami added.

The Philippines suffers from an increase in the number of people infected with Coronavirus, which has exceeded 375,000 infected and 7,000 deaths.


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