FilGoal | News | Arsenal coach: They said we will lose Al-Ahly 20-0


Shaker Abdel Fattah, Technical Director of Arsenal, praised his team’s players after facing Al-Ahly in the Egypt Cup.

Al-Ahly beat Al-Tarsana with two goals to one in the round of 16 of the Egypt Cup. (See details)

Shaker Abdel-Fattah said after the match on Al-Ahly channel: “We received two goals at the beginning of the confrontation, due to the fear of playing against Al-Ahly, the champion of Egypt and the great continent of Africa.”

“But after that, the team played without fear, we performed well, and we managed to score a goal against Al-Ahly,” he added.

He continued, “There were those who said that Al-Arsenal would lose Al-Ahly by 10 goals or 20 goals, but we lost only one goal and scored against the red team.”

He concluded his remarks, “The players abided by the instructions and positioned well in the match, and I thank them for their level against Al-Ahly.”


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