FilGoal | News | Barcelona Interim President: We seek to hold elections as soon as possible … and we will not yield to pressure


Carles Tusquets, Chairman of the Barcelona Interim Administration Committee, said that he is seeking with the committee to hold the club’s presidential elections as soon as possible, but he also stressed that they will not accept any pressure to hold them urgently or outside the pre-set framework.

“We want to call for the Barcelona presidential elections as soon as possible, and I confirm that, as soon as possible, because we will not accept any pressure to hold them urgently or outside the specified time frame,” Tusquets said on the club’s channel.

He continued, “None of the current directors has any intention to join the Barcelona board of directors in the future, and we want to fully support the next board in the best possible way and with the largest contribution.”

“The names were chosen by the Secretary General of the Catalan Parliamentary Council of Grievances and myself, because of the current circumstances, we thought it appropriate that there be only members of an economic committee and a disciplinary committee,” he added.

“These options are more appropriate and more independent,” he said.

And he added, “We thank the resigned members of the board of directors because in the event that we need them for anything or for a clearer understanding of a situation, especially on the economic side, which worries us in the short term, they will be there to support.”

He concluded, “We requested the appointment of a member of the Transparency Committee without a vote, because we are interested in being transparent in front of all partners. That is why we were working hard yesterday.”

What happened?

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu and the entire board of directors have resigned after their request from the Supreme Council of Catalonia to postpone the vote of no-confidence, after expressing their concerns that the second wave of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic may endanger the vote.

Bartomeu’s resignation means the appointment of a temporary Presidency Council to manage the club’s affairs within a period of 40-90 days, in accordance with the law, until presidential elections are held.

Barcelona announced on Wednesday the formation of a committee it described as an “economic strategy committee” to run the club in the form of a presidential council until elections are held.

The committee is chaired by Carles Tusquets, with Juan Ramon Ramos as its deputy, Juan Luis Garcia Gopal for the Treasury Secretariat, Josep Maria Mir Padulis as secretary of the committee and then 4 board members.

The club clarified in its statement that the committee will manage the club’s operations with the same responsibility as the previous board of directors, although their contribution will be very limited in terms of decisions, as they will only take the necessary decisions for the sake of normal activities in the club to protect its affairs.

In its statement, the club indicated that the main objective of the administrative committee is to call for elections for a new board of directors, which must take place within a maximum period of three months.


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