FilGoal | News | BBC: Ahmed Ahmed may be suspended from FIFA after “breaching ethical rules”


Ahmed Ahmed, president of the Confederation of African Football, faces the risk of being suspended by the international federation “FIFA” for violating the ethical rules.

The British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” revealed, according to its sources, that Ahmed Ahmed, president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), had violated several ethical rules.

And Ahmed announced today, Wednesday, his intention to run for a second term when the African Union elections are held next March.

The BBC indicated that the matter has become in doubt after the investigation room of the governing body of world football decided that it had violated various codes of conduct.

A source revealed to the BBC that the next step will be the judicial chamber issuing a ruling against him, which will happen before the end of November.

Any stopping would likely rule out Ahmed Ahmed’s chances of being re-elected.

BBC Sport Africa revealed that the alleged violations include the role of President Kav in the controversial deal in favor of Tactical Steel.

Tactical Steel is a little-known French gym manufacturer, run by a friend of Ahmed who provided sportswear equipment to CAF in 2017 after canceling a deal with Puma.

At that time, Ahmed denied the accusations against him of any wrongdoing in the deal, describing it as completely wrong and malicious, aiming to defame him.


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