FilGoal | News | BN Sports: Despite not being banned, Napoli will not travel to face Juventus


Dries Mertens – Napoli – Juventus – Italian Cup Final

BBC Sports said that Napoli will not travel to Turin to face Juventus, despite the absence of a decision by the Italian authorities to prevent him from traveling.

Napoli was the last team to face Genoa, which announced that 19 of its players and workers had been infected with the Corona virus.

Juventus is supposed to host Napoli tomorrow evening, Sunday, in the third round of the Italian league, but the match will not take place, according to the current situation, due to Napoli not traveling to Turin.

On Saturday, Napoli announced the discovery of two cases of Coronavirus among its ranks, for Piorter Zelensx, the Polish midfielder, and Elf Elmas, the Macedonian midfielder.

And press reports stated that the health authorities prevented the Napoli mission from traveling to Turin due to the increasing cases of infection in the team, which means that the match will likely not take place. (Read details)

But the Italian news agency ANSA reported that it had obtained the report issued by the health authorities of Naples, and it did not include banning the team from traveling.

It claimed that the report recommends that Napoli isolate some players and coach Gennaro Gattuso, but did not include any travel bans.

Juventus had announced that he was heading to the match stadium tomorrow and would play the match normally due to the lack of any decisions from the Italian Federation.

The Italian Football Association’s medical protocol recommends that the match be held normally as long as each team’s list includes 13 players, including a goalkeeper.

According to the Italian League, the match will be counted in favor of Juventus, 3-0, if Napoli does not come to the stadium.


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