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Ali Ashour, the technical director of Egypt for Clearing, made strong accusations to some of his players after losing to Talaa Al-Jaish.

Al-Maqsas lost 1-0 to Tala` El-Geish in the 33rd round of the Egyptian League.

After the match, Ashour said on OnTime Sports: “The Army has the right to win.”

He continued, “They reached the goal with one ball and scored a goal, along with one last chance at the end of the match.”

He added, “There is a misfortune facing us at the target level.”

And he continued, “I have to introduce 4 or 5 new players to every match, and they are often away from the competition for a long time.”

He stressed: “It is not possible more than it was.”

He continued: “Our matches are difficult and not easy. We faced the third, fourth and fifth place owners, and today we faced the army that wants to ensure survival.”

He explained, “There are financial circumstances surrounding the players. 10 players are absent from me, almost an entire team is absent, and I have to resort to players other than their positions.”

And he claimed: “Some players have ended the season for them, so to be honest, only Mido Jaber and Asim Saeed will miss the injury, any other player who is not injured. Any other name mentioned is not injured at my responsibility.”

He stressed: “I am a football player before I was a coach, and I know when you are injured and when you are not injured.”

He continued: “What I know about the ball is that if you have a financial problem, it is solved without moving away from the field. You must be loyal to the place where you play until the end.”

He added, “The clearing has been in the Premier League for 12 years, and there is no one who has a pound on the set-off.”

He concluded: “I thank the players who are with us until now, they are men.”

Ali Ashour took over the training of Egypt for clearing, succeeding Ihab Jalal on September 22nd.

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