FilGoal | News | Deputy Quintet: We did not ask the African Union to postpone the Champions League final


Gamal Mohamed Ali, deputy head of the five-year committee in charge of managing the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association, revealed that the federation had not asked its African counterpart to postpone the Champions League final.

“We did not send the African Union any letters or correspondence to request the African Champions League final postponement,” Jamal Muhammad Ali said on Ontime Sports channel.

“Everything that is said about this matter comes out of the Moroccan press only,” he added.

He continued, “But the Union is studying the final position because the House of Representatives elections will be held at the same time, so we have to study all the variables surrounding the match.”

When asked about the Egyptian league system next season, he replied, “The league will be held with the same current system.”

He stressed, “There is no intention to change the shape of the Premier League after studying from the technical and marketing aspects.”

He explained, “The Groups League has proven its failure in technical and marketing terms, and weakens the strength of the Egyptian teams and the teams in the African Championships.”

“The Football Association intends to host the North African Youth Championship, but after knowing Tunisias position on hosting the tournament,” he concluded. revealed that the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Emergency Committee had decided to accept Egypt’s request to postpone the semi-finals and final of the African Champions League. (See details)


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