FilGoal | News | Dialogue – Coman: This is the most appropriate plan for Barcelona at present … and Pjanic may help us against Juventus


Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman believes that the 4-2-3-1 style of play is currently the best fit for the Catalan team based on the players available to him in the team.

This came in an interview with the official website of Barcelona in an interview conducted on Friday.

“We started well against Seville and we could have improved in terms of pressing the ball, and there are some things we are working on,” Koeman said.

He continued, “The way we play in training is the same as we apply in matches. Defense always starts with the attackers. If they press well on the opponent, the defense will not have to face many problems.”

“I believe that defense is the result of teamwork, and this may be one of the reasons for improvement,” he said.

Regarding his reliance on the 4-2-3-1 method of playing, he said: “In my opinion, with the available players, this is the best way to play now.”

“Our goal is always to win, and this will not be easy, and we have to prepare well for each match,” the Dutch coach added.

Coman was asked about Real Madrid’s meeting at Camp Nou in El Clasico and said: “I mean more than three points, and we have to respect the opponent, who seems to have not reached his full level. They got important points outside their stadium, and we will see in the meeting who is the best.”

About the Champions League, he said: “It is a very important tournament. We are the best in the group in theory, but we have to show that.”

When asked about Juventus in the Champions League, he said: “They are a strong team and they have a great player, Cristiano Ronaldo, but we have Miralem Biantius, who can give us a little information about his former team.”

Regarding Ricky Puig’s decision to cast and not leave, he said: “He decided that, and if his performance was good, he would have the opportunity.”

As for Ansu Fati, he said: “He is 17 years old and played three consecutive matches in the best form and this is very good. He always wants to learn and improve and we are here to help him.”

“The international pause now will give us an opportunity to analyze our competitors well and prepare for the upcoming matches, as the season will be very long,” Koeman concluded.


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