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Taher Mohamed Taher, the player of the Arab Contractors, expressed his happiness with the victory of his future Al-Ahly team, Ali Wydad Casablanca in the African Champions League.

Taher said during his visit to Ontime Sports 2: “The new coach Mosimane presented more than one distinguished match in the league before Wydad, and his thought and his imprint appeared. There is a difference in employing players with him.”

He added, “The 2-0 victory over Wydad is an unsuspecting result due to the lack of fans, but God willing, Al-Ahly is in the final.”

Taher turned to talk about the scenes of his absence from the African nations under 23 years: “My hope was to be in competitions and participate in all matches, but I hit the whole tournament, it was a shock.”

He added: “I went to my longing Gharib the day before the tournament and told him that I feel that I cannot be with the national team, and I asked him to include another player in my place for the list. I was devastated and I told him that, and I could have been content with being on the list throughout the tournament and not participating, but I was doing this I will oppress another player who is able to bid. ”

Taher explained that he changed his way of thinking and gave up professionalism for the sake of Al-Ahly: “I wanted to professionalize in the Spanish or Italian league, but after the long injury that I was exposed to and the circumstances of Corona, which caused many changes in the whole world, I decided to think more logically and rationally, and agreed to Al-Ahly’s offer After Amir Tawfiq contacted me during the stop, it was the third show in my career from Al-Ahly.

And he stressed: “I have been my family since my childhood, and my entire house is my own, and therefore I decided that if I played in Egypt, it would be my family.”

He explained: “Attempts to join my family have been taking place for years, but it did not happen until this year because of my way of thinking. I thought that I was young and did not want to be in Egypt and wanted another professional experience, especially after I went to France on loan.”

And he continued: “I am against my resemblance to Mohamed Salah technically, of course any player who wishes to reach the level of Salah, but every player has his name and his own way of playing.”

He revealed, “I like playing in the playmaker position, but when I am employed as a left winger or an outspoken striker, I can also perform well.”

He continued: “Is there a clause that allows him to become professional with Al-Ahly? No, we did not talk about this matter.”

He added, “What if I receive an offer from Pyramids? This is something I am not thinking about now.”

He concluded: “Mustafa Schubert is the closest player to me in Al-Ahly. Since the day I signed, he has been communicating with me a lot.”

It is expected that Taher will move to Al-Ahly at the start of next season, with a five-year contract.

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