FilGoal | News | El-Shenawy: My exit was a technical change from my season, not from injury … I am completely healthy


Mohamed El-Shenawy, goalkeeper for Al-Ahly, revealed the reason for his exit against Moroccan Wydad, noting that “the change was a technical rest.”

Al-Ahly shined against Wydad, winning 3-1 and reaching the African Champions League final on the merits. (See the details)

Al-Shennawi left the stadium with the arrival of the 60th minute to join Ali Lotfi instead, because Al-Ahly fans worried and feared that the injury would be the reason.

Al-Shenawi said, “Things were reassuring after we went 2-0 up, so Musimani preferred to take me off the field.”

“The change was technical, not because of injury. Musimane always wants to rest any player who had a previous problem, and I am now without any problem,” he added in his statements on Al-Ahly channel.

“I participated in front of Wydad while I was healthy, and I left the stadium healthy. I am not injured,” he said.

He continued, saying, “We are one team and we support each other, whether Ali Lotfi or Mustafa Schubert. We are one team and our goal is one.”

Al-Ahly qualified for the final after winning, back and forth, with five goals for one goal in the aggregate of the two matches.

Al-Ahly is expected to meet the winner from Zamalek or Raja on the sixth of November at Cairo Stadium.

That final qualification became the first for Al-Ahly after two years of absence, and the third in the last four years.

In general, this qualification became the number 13 in the history of the Red Genie for the final as a record, as it was crowned eight times and lost the title on four occasions.


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