FilGoal | News | Farah Abdel Aziz to the Joule: We proved our ability to win over Al-Ahly at any time … I got my right to “beat me”


Farah Abdel Aziz, a Zamalek table tennis player, expressed her happiness at winning the league title this season after a long period of absence from the club.

Zamalek women succeeded in crowning the Table Tennis League title this season after beating Al-Ahly in the two combined tournaments, to win the club the title after an absence of nearly 12 years.

Table tennis – Al-Ahly men and Zamalek women crowned the league title

Farah Abdel Aziz said to “Al-Ahly played 4 games this season and won all the matches.”

And she continued, “I have been waiting for this match for a long time after the fierce attack I was subjected to on the social media pages.”

Regarding the scenes of the tournament, Farah explained, “We faced very difficult circumstances due to the Corona period, the group dispersed, for example, Jalila Nasser was unable to return from Germany in the first round, and Reem Al-Iraqi married and another player who traveled to Lebanon.”

Farah Abdel Aziz revealed, “We only reached 3 players, me, Hind Fathi, and Sameh Shahd. We did not have a reserve, and at the beginning we were not going to participate because of these circumstances.”

Farah added, “Praise be to God, that the board of directors headed by Mortada Mansour insisted on its participation and we met with unnatural support from the club’s president for our participation.”

Regarding victory over defending champions Al-Ahly, Farah said: “We won in the first group tournament 3-1 and won two of them, and today I also won two matches and we won 3-2.”

Special match

Regarding the Al-Ahly confrontation, Farah said: “I have been waiting for that match for a while. I did not expect the attack that I was subjected to when I lost in front of Hana, a quality, because sport is competition, gain and loss.”

“I was surprised by the native pages that talk about me because of the gain of a young player,” he said.

“During that period, I was going through difficult circumstances, and I was returning from the African Games, qualifying for the Olympics, and a full month of travel, and we returned to the championship as I was suffering from a back injury,” Farah explained.

And she stressed, “I was waiting for a confrontation here and I was ready strongly, and this happened in the first round and I won 3-1 and I did not make any fuss because it is normal and that is the opposite of what happened with me.”

Farah added, “Al-Ahly was afraid that she would play a quality in front of me or against Hind Fathy today, because we beat her in the first round, so I played against Jalila Nasser.”

Hana Judeh had achieved a victory over Jalila Nasser in the loss of Al-Ahly 2-3 against Zamalek at the end of the second combined session.

Interview in the Joule with Hana Judeh after her victory over Farah Abdel Aziz last season

Farah stressed, “I got my right with my shield and as a sports striker in the stadium in a natural competitive way, and I won.”

“I am the happiest person in the world after winning the championship, after a long absence from the club, and under these circumstances,” she continued.

And she continued, “We proved our ability to win against Al-Ahly at any time. We naturally won the two rounds.”

Has her relationship with Hana Gouda been affected?

When asked about her relationship with the emerging Al-Ahly player, she said: “No, of course, I am sure that those who campaigned against me in the previous meeting were Al-Ahly pages, and there is no quality here.”

“The pages used to publish a picture here, quality and write on it that among their achievements won Farah Abdel Aziz. I tell them this is not an achievement. Look at her other accomplishments, and of course I wish her success.”

Farah revealed, “To the knowledge, a mother here contacted me after that campaign and assured me that they have nothing to do with that and that her daughter only pays attention to achieving her goals, and things between us are very normal.”

“I meet with us here in the camps and greet each other and (Penhazar), and our relationship has not been affected at all,” she added.

“My message is only for the pages. You should know that sport is a gain and a loss, and every person has his own circumstances, and it is not just because of a person’s loss that he (shrugs) like that.”

She explained, “My mother and my sister were affected by what happened to me. I hope that the players are appreciated better than that. Sport is a gain and a loss, and every person has his own circumstances. We live in pressures that no one knows anything about and we work to win.”

She concluded her remarks, “In the end, I am happy to see Zamalek crowned the title, and I thank the club management for their continuous support and insistence on our participation and their confidence in our capabilities.”


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