FilGoal | News | FIFA explains to the Joule the position and dates of registration in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the five major leagues in Europe


The transfer market in the five major leagues in Europe ended on Monday, and with the exceptional circumstances of the end of the market, fans are wondering about the date of the winter transfer market in the same leagues, along with some questions for the Arab leagues. contacted the International Federation of Football Association “FIFA”, who clarified some matters regarding registration in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, the Emirates, Tunisia and Algeria, as well as for registration in the five major leagues in Europe.

A FIFA spokesman told about the registration in the Egyptian league, “until now, there are no amendments yet in the registration and transfer system for the Egyptian league. Once the amendments to the registration period are approved, they are naturally incorporated into the FIFA tables, there is no problem with the matter.”

He continued, “There is no problem. Once the amendments are approved, the registration will be included in the Egyptian League in a new form.”

What about the five major leagues in Europe? When does the winter transfer market open in England, Italy, France, Germany and Spain?

“For the Premier League, the registration period in January runs from the 2nd of the same month to the 1st of February.”

And he continued, “The summer market of the new season in England will be on the first of next July, according to what was recorded by the FA.”

“The winter market in France will start on January 2nd and end on February 1st”.

“The winter market in Germany will start at the same time as France and England and end at the same time.”

“The winter market in Italy so far starts on January 4 and ends on next February 1.”

“The winter market in Spain starts on January 4th and ends on February 1st.”

Registration dates in Saudi Arabia

“For the 2020-2021 season in Saudi Arabia, the summer registration period starts from August 15 and continues until November 6, and for winter registration, it starts on January 11 and ends on February 7.”

Registration dates in the UAE league

For the UAE League season 2020-2021

Registration dates started from July 15 and will continue until October 6.

Winter enrollment dates start on January 5 and will continue until February 1.

For the Tunisian League 2020-2021

Summer registration dates begin on September 15 and will continue until December 7, and winter registration dates start from next January 25 to February 21.

Moroccan League

“For the Moroccan League season 2020-2021, the first registration period starts from October 21 until November 20, and the second period is in winter, from January 1 to January 31 of the same month.”

Algerian League

“For the Algerian league season 2020-2021, the first registration period is from August 5, 2020 until October 27, and the winter registration period starts January 24 until February 14 next.”

The spokesman concluded: “It is possible that the dates change upon the request of the Football Associations, as well as FIFA’s approval of the request.”


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