FilGoal | News | Hossam Hassan: There is more than one agent outside Egypt talking to me … and my future is in the hands of the Smouha administration


Hossam Hassan, the Smouha striker, said that the fate of his future is in the hands of the administration and not himself, noting that there are more than one agent outside Egypt who spoke about his departure from the club. And this was in statements to the “Ontime Sports” channel.

Hossam Hassan began his talk about the Al-Ittihad confrontation of Alexandria, saying: “We played 120 minutes under the pressure of the matches against Zamalek, then confronting Al-Ittihad to maintain the fifth position.”

And he continued, “We respect the federation and this year has had a big boom. We used to count it a great deal, and thank God, the positive results continue.”

For the reporter to ask him about his future, Hossam replies: “Regarding the shows, everyone who communicates with me, I ask him to contact the club president, so that I can leave legally.”

He concluded, “There was the most agent from outside Egypt who spoke about my move from Smouha, and I focus on doing well and being with the national team in the coming period. I try to help my team and my colleagues, and they are as well, to put the team in a good position, the next in the hands of the board of directors, not Hossam Hassan. .

Smouha won the Alexandria Derby in the 32nd round of the Egyptian League for the first time in 3 years with a score of 2-1. (See details)


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