FilGoal | News | In the Joule, he reveals the details of Mahmoud Wadi’s transfer to Pyramids after passing the medical examination


Mahmoud Wadi Muhajim Al-Masry completed his transfer to the ranks of Pyramids after passing the medical examination and signing four-year contracts.

A source close to the player told “Mahmoud Wadi signed his transfer contracts to Pyramids after the club agreed with Al-Masry to pay 20 million pounds.”

“Al-Masry received 12 million pounds in cash, and he will receive the remaining amount in two installments, the first in November by 5 million pounds, and the other in January by three million pounds.”

He continued, “The player took a medical examination, passed it, and signed the contracts to join Pyramids in the presence of Green Acid, his agent, and Mohamed Samir” Micho “, the mediator in the deal.

As for the details of Wadi’s contract with Pyramids, the source explained, “Wadi signed a four-year contract for 40 million pounds, which is the value of the contract and additions.”

And Wadi announced several weeks ago that he would leave Al-Masry and move to Pyramids, starting from next season.

Wadi ‘said at the time: “I will miss the Egyptian club. It is a great credit for me. I expect that if I had moved to another club, I would not have reached what I am now.”

And he continued, “Moving to a club like Pyramids. This is a big idea that puts a lot of pressure on me. I am obliged to give my best. I went for him to make collective and personal achievements.”

Wadi joined Al-Masry from Al-Ahly two years ago.

The 25-year-old fought 75 matches with Al-Masry, in which he scored 19 goals and scored 10 goals.


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