FilGoal | News | “Ineffective” .. Learn about Salah’s assessment against Arsenal from the English newspapers


Mohamed Salah has a hat-trick with Alison after meeting Liverpool and Leeds

Liverpool lost to Arsenal on penalties in the round of 16 of the English League Cup after 90 minutes, which ended in a goalless draw.

Mohamed Salah participated as a basic and left in the 63rd minute, after he fought last Monday for the two teams’ meeting in the full English round.

The English newspapers rated the team players from 1 to 10.

Salah’s rating varied between 5 and 6, to have an average of 5.4, equal to Wilson, as the lowest-rated Reds player in the match.

Serbian Marco Grojic has the highest rating of Liverpool’s players, with 7.6.

“A Night to Forget” was a comment on Wilson’s performance that equated with Salah, “ineffective” in that match, according to “thisisanfield”.

Liverpool is preparing to meet Aston Villa in the fourth round of the Premier League next Sunday.


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