FilGoal | News | Jeddah Federation: Hijazi is a strong addition to the team .. Kahraba and Diang? There is no place available for foreign players


Ahmed Sadiq Diab, a spokesman for the Saudi Jeddah Federation, believes that the contract with Ahmed Hegazy is a strong addition to the team.

He denied negotiating with Mahmoud Kahraba and Aliou Diang, especially with the completion of the number of foreign players on the team’s list.

“Ahmed Hegazy will be a strong supporter of the federation and the best ambassador for his country,” the spokesman for the Jeddah Federation said on the Sada Al Balad channel.

He added, “God willing, the support with the new deals will return to the Jeddah Federation to its previous era, and it is natural that there will be a drop in the level.”

“The desire of the two parties was very important in resolving a deal involving Ahmed Hegazy in a short time,” he added.

Speaking of the West Brom coach’s anger at the player’s departure, he explained, “It is natural for him to be sad about the departure of a player worth Ahmed Hegazy.”

Regarding the period of the contract with Ahmed Hegazy, he said: “A season-long loan with eligibility to buy.”

Speaking of negotiations to include Kahraba or Diang, he revealed, “At the beginning, the summer transfer period was closed in Saudi Arabia, and we reached the maximum limit for foreign players.”

He added, “With respect to all the players whose names are linked to the club, but the list has been closed and there is no room for contracting with any player.”

He stressed, “It is not logical to sign two players in October and leave after 4 months to join another foreign player.”

He concluded his remarks, “I do not know anything about previous negotiations with Tariq Hamed.”


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