FilGoal | News | Klopp: It was a difficult night like marriage … Fabinhos injury is the last thing we want


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp described the Danish Champions League encounter with Metjeland as a pair.

Liverpool excelled thanks to the goals of Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah (See the details)

The German said on the English BT Sport network after the end of the meeting: “It was a difficult night, it looked like marriage, it was going through good and bad times, not a bad time but a difficult time.”

“We have to stay 100% together and fight hard, which is what the players did today,” he added.

“Fabinho lost in the first half. Williams is only 19 years old and I think he played more Champions League matches than the Premier League, and this is rare.”

He explained, “This is exactly the last thing we want. I know that he feels hamstring pain and this seems not good. He said that he can play without running quickly, which did not help. We will see after doing other checks.”

“We played well but it is a shock to the team because now we have to arrange this injury.

And he continued, “We had to make a change between the two halves with Henderson leaving. He said I am fine, but I have to be responsible and give him a 45-minute rest in order for him to be ready for West Ham.”

“It was a difficult match, but the 2-0 victory is completely good. That’s it. Let’s continue.”

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