FilGoal | News | Lampard Conference: United are a very good team … what happened with our deals was not perfect


Chelsea manager Frank Lampard praised Manchester United, his next opponent, in the sixth Premier League round on Saturday.

And Chelsea will visit United at Old Trafford.

Lampard was asked whether United are a difficult team to expect.

He continued, “United beat Paris and achieved a positive result, it is an opportunity for us to get difficult points.”

Asked if the team began to become more united, he replied, “I see signs of that, but we are suffering from injuries and I knew from the beginning that it would take time, and I expected improvement.”

“It was not ideal to have new players without a preparation period,” he added.

Regarding the competition in the league, he said: “I think there is a state of uncertainty in life and in the ball that has led to unpredictability. We have to focus on ourselves and we believe in our team, but it is too early.”

“It’s too early to expect anything, and there are a lot of games,” he said.


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