FilGoal | News | Messi on Ronaldo: A great competition that will remain forever .. I hope to face him with Juventus


Barcelona captain Lionel Messi spoke about his rivalry with his traditional rivals Cristiano Ronaldo and praised the competition that existed between them when he was playing the latter with Real Madrid and wished to recover from the Corona virus for his meeting with Juventus next week.

Messi told “Dazen” today, Thursday: “The competition with Ronaldo was and will remain special forever.”

“The competition between us lasted for many years and it is not easy to maintain a certain level for that long period,” he added.

Messi added, “Our clubs were demanding, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two strongest teams in the world competing and their competition has been on an equal footing for many years, that will remain forever.”

And he added, “The competition between me and Ronaldo is very good on a personal level, and I think everyone enjoyed it.”

On the possibility of meeting Ronaldo again, but this time with Juventus, Messi said: “It is clear that when Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid, the matches were special in addition to being a really important match.”

He added, “But this is from the past now and we are looking for the future.”

Messi concluded his speech, “Next Wednesday, we may witness the presence of that challenge, I hope that he is with us in the meeting and that he recovers from his infection with the Corona virus.”

Juventus will meet Barcelona next Wednesday at the first stadium in Italy in the second round of the Champions League.


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