FilGoal | News | Mohsen Saleh: Fyler neglected his work at Al-Ahly after Corona


Mohsen Saleh, head of the Al-Ahly Planning Committee, criticized the former coach of the team, Rene Fyler.

Mohsen Saleh said on MBC Egypt, “I respect Fyler and respect his achievement with the team, but recently his views were mixed, and we read his statements in the newspapers of Belgium and Switzerland, which means that he is considering leaving, and his actions were not palatable.”

He explained, “It is a condition that the salary be obtained before its due date, it is strange. The complaint is that the salary is disbursed late, and we spend the salary on time, why did he ask for the salary early, and his demand for a reward for winning the tournament and the tournament has not ended. You feel that the demands are incapacitating, push you and go to terminate the contract.”

He continued, “There are things that I did not want to talk about, as everyone noticed that the level before and after Corona, a kind of negligence occurred at work, and thinking about other things, which we do not know.”

And he continued, “We have received information that he no longer corrects the team’s mistakes with technical and theoretical lectures as he used to do. He apologizes for not being in the team’s camp on the night of matches, and leaves the team and comes hours before the meeting.”

“All are behaviors that suggest that Fyler is on his way to leave. What are we waiting for? You leave a few days before the African Championship and look for a new coach?”

And he added, “He asked for a vacation despite the team’s association with two matches. There is no professional coach who does that, unless he wants to (hit a chair in the club).”

And he continued, “So we prepared the other plans, so that if he got on the plane, another plane would land with the new coach the next day. This is what happened according to the decision of the board of directors.”

And by his question, Is Al-Ahly who canceled the contract with Filer? Mohsen Saleh answered at the conclusion of his statements, “He tried to hit us, so what are we waiting for? We offer him a rose, he gave us an impression that he wanted to leave, so it was necessary to prepare an alternative, instead of complicating matters repeatedly, such as increasing the salary and paying rewards early, adjustments to the auxiliary device, etc.” “.

Al-Ahly terminated its contract with Fyler on October 1, and appointed South African coach Pitso Mosimane for two seasons.

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