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Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Zamalek Club, revealed that, as far as he described, a heavy penalty was imposed on Tunisian Ferjani Sassi because of what happened to him in the meeting with Al-Masry.

Zamalek defeated Al-Masry with Mahmoud Alaa in the 31st round of the Egyptian League, in a meeting that witnessed Sassi’s expulsion after he objected to the referee more than once. (See the details)

Murtaza Mansour said, “A very heavy fine was imposed on Sassi.”

“A penalty has never been imposed on any player before, in order to know that Zamalek club does not have such matters,” he added in his statements on TEN.

And he added, “Yes, Sassi was provoked and beaten, but if we assume that you are in front of a judge in the court and you are provoked by the opposing lawyer, do you insult and hit the judge? Certainly not.”

He continued, saying: “Frankly, Sassi’s dismissal almost cost us second place and the African Championship.”

The president of Zamalek praised Jimmy Pacheco in his first appearance, He said: “If Pacheco was not the coach, the result would have changed. It is not me who evaluates Pacheco, as he is a coach with a great history as a player and coach.”

Murtaza answered the question, “Are Pachecos changes a little late?” He said, “Maybe no one told him there were 5 changes in the match.”

Murtaza Mansour touched on the fate of Mustafa Muhammad He said, “Mustafa Mohamed has an offer from Spain and another from Germany.”

And he continued, “My only request to Mustafa Mohamed is that this file will be after the African Championship and not now.”

“The most important thing now is the African Champions League. The two offers are very good from Spain and Germany, but everything will be decided by the end of November and the end of the African Championship,” he explained.

And he concluded, “Mustafa Muhammad will not go to Turkey.”

This victory raised Zamalek’s balance to 64 points, and 3 points will be deducted from him at the end of the season, in addition to Al-Masry’s balance stuck at 33 points in the 14th position, 3 points away from the first relegation centers, which is occupied by the border guards in the 16th position.

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