FilGoal | News | Mourinho after 3-3: You can imagine how frustrated I was … and Bill was able to resolve the match


Exceptional coach Jose Mourinho, Tottenham’s coach, did not hide his extreme frustration after a shocking draw against West Ham.

Tottenham led 3-0 at the expense of West Ham until the 80th minute, before David Moyes’ battalion turned the table and ended the match 3-3 in a crazy summit in the fifth round of the English Premier League. (See the details)

“I think you can imagine the extent of my frustration and the players’ frustration,” Mourinho spoke after the match.

“That is football. Unfortunately, that is football and the bad side was for us and the good was theirs,” he added in his statements during the press conference.

“It is easier to praise West Ham than to criticize my players. It is better for me to talk to the players personally, but I have to praise West Ham.”

“West Ham players had faith to return to the score, but this belief was not present before their first goal. We did not appear well and strong in the last 10 minutes,” he added.

He pointed out, “I think we did not think that this might happen and West Ham will result, and that is why we were punished.”

And about Gareth Bale’s first participation, Mourinho said: “The decision not to engage him from the start was good, and it appears to everyone that they have to fight for their positions.”

And he continued, “Everyone loves Bill, and he likes what he saw here. He joined very well the group, and he was able to score the fourth goal and resolve the match, but unfortunately this did not happen.”

The tie raised Tottenham’s balance to the eighth point, rising to sixth place, while West Ham’s balance raised to the seventh point in eighth place.

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