FilGoal | News | Mourinho: I wanted to replace the entire team at halftime


Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho admitted that his team did not perform well against its host Royal Antwerp, indicating that the latter deserved to win with a goal in the second round of the group stage of the European League.

The Portuguese said after the match: “I would like to make 11 substitutions. I did not make 5 substitutions between the two halves because I was afraid to play the second half without substitutions.”

Mourinho made 4 substitutions with the start of the second half, hoping to equalize the score, but the Belgian team won a precious victory against Spears.

Mourinho continued, “The blame lies with one person, me. I chose the formation. Between the two halves, I tried to improve things, but that was not enough. Antwerp got what he deserved and we got what we deserved.”

Antwerp snatched the top of Group X by raising its tally to 6 points, while Tottenham’s balance stopped at 3 points.

In the next round, Tottenham will host the Bulgarian Ludogoritz, while Antwerp will host the Austrian LASK team.

Prior to this match, Tottenham will play at home to Brighton on Sunday in the Premier League.

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