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Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, revealed the letter sent to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) yesterday, in which he asked to postpone the date of the final match if the Champions League semi-final second leg against Moroccos Raja was postponed before the final decision.

The African Union announced the postponement of the match against Zamalek and Al-Raja to the first of next November, while the final will be held on the sixth of November. (See the details)

And according to the official Zamalek website.Zamalek adheres to holding the CAF Champions League semi-final return match on time on October 24, and that if there is an intention to postpone it due to the presence of Corona cases among the Moroccan Raja ranks, he does not mind postponing, on the condition that if the Zamalek team reaches the final round, its date will be postponed the same The number of days during which the second leg was postponed in order to achieve the principle of equal opportunityWoe that Zamalek takes care of the conditions of hope“.

The letter indicatedIt is not fair if the Zamalek club qualifies for the final, God willing, that it has only five days before it plays the final while its opponent has obtained a rest of 14 days, and if we have estimated the conditions of Raja Club and the African Union for measures related to the Coronavirus, then the African Union must estimate the circumstances Fatigue and injury for players of the Zamalek club if qualified for the final“.

وأتم “In the event that the postponement decision is issued, the meeting between Al-Ahly and Wydad must be postponed, so that the two matches will be held for two consecutive days to achieve the principle of equal opportunity“.

Zamalek’s statement came:

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The Al-Ahly and Wydad match will be held on Friday, while the final is November 6 as it is

Zamalek had beaten Raja in Casablanca 1-0 in the semi-final first leg.

Zamalek only needs to draw in order to qualify for the CAF Champions League final.


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