FilGoal | News | Mukhtar Mukhtar: Our player is the clearing-house and “the people who are entitled to it and others” … and why is there no reaction with the referees?


Mukhtar Mukhtar, Technical Director of El Entag El Harby, attacked the arbitration performance after Egypt faced the clearing, which ended in a negative tie at the end of the Egyptian League.

The match saw the referee canceling two goals in favor of El Entag El Harby that came in the first half.

Mukhtar Mukhtar said on the “Ontime Sports” channel about the meeting: “I spoke with the players about some incentives and to end the season in seventh place, which would have been good for us and so that Egypt would not be overtaken by the clearing in the ranking table.”

“The players performed very satisfactorily and created the opportunity,” he added. “If the match was normal, we would have won easily and simply. We play the clearing (and the people who have it and others).”

He asked, “I have a very, very big reservation about (the other people). An international referee in the Ismaili match did not award a penalty for us and was counted for the opponent, what happened to the referee after the match and what is the referee’s reaction, it is very difficult.”

And he added, “The video referee told the arena referee that we have a clear penalty kick in front of the Arab Contractors. The majority said that we have a penalty kick, so there must be a position, all because we are a team (to play) and we have no media pressure.”

He concluded, “I hope that the referees committee will take into account that, that there will be a reaction with the referees, and that we know if there are penalties imposed on them, as happens with us, when they make mistakes if there is something worthy.”

El Entag El Harby finished the season with an eleventh draw, with 44 points, in eighth place.


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