FilGoal | News | News in the Joule – A step separating Azaro from moving to the final Saudi agreement from Al-Ahly


Negotiations are underway between Al-Ahly and the Saudi agreement on the final transfer of striker Walid Azaro.

As knows, Al-Ahly requested from the agreement to obtain one million and 100 thousand dollars, while the first agreement offered reached 450 thousand dollars, which was rejected, and Al-Ahly requested an increase in the material compensation.

Accordingly, the agreement returned with a new offer of $ 700,000 in addition to 100,000 late dues from the value of Azaros borrowing from Al-Ahly earlier.

There is a tendency in Al-Ahly to agree to the offer due to the player’s desire to move, and only that step remains to be the final transfer.

This is in addition to Al-Ahly’s desire to open up the list of foreign players to sign new players such as Badr Bannon and Gaston Sereno.

And had revealed earlier that Al-Ahly and Mamelodi Sundowns are currently in a stage of consensus about the possibility of Gaston Sereno, the Uruguayan wing, of the Red Genie. (See the details)

A source close to Badr Bannon told that Al-Ahly completed its agreement with the player on the terms of the personal contract and that Moroccan hope is open to selling the player. (See the details)


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