FilGoal | News | Officially – The Italian Federation considers Napoli defeated by Juventus and an additional penalty for not participating in the match


The Italian Football Federation announced that Juventus had defeated Napoli, 3-0, and deducted an additional point from the Partenopi for not attending the two teams’ meeting in the third round of the League.

The Napoli team did not travel to Turin to face Juventus on the fourth Sunday of October due to the presence of two players infected with the Corona virus in its ranks, namely Piotr Zelensky and Iljev Elmas.

Napoli confirmed at that time that the health authority in the city banned him from traveling, which made him isolate all his members as a precaution.

On the other hand, Juventus and the Italian League adhere to the regulations that the presence of two cases infected with Coronavirus does not necessitate the cancellation of the match.

The Italian Federation’s Disciplinary Committee confirmed that Napoli had no compelling reason to withdraw from the meeting.

And she indicated that the only thing that leads to the cancellation of the match is the existence of compelling circumstances that prevent it from being held in the first place, which did not happen in the case of Napoli.

Italian clubs agreed at the start of the season that as long as the team had 13 players available to play, plus at least one goalkeeper, the match should be played.

The decision of the Disciplinary Committee indicated that despite the letter of the Health Authority in Naples it made it difficult for the teams to travel to Turin, but it was not a final decision as the club decided to cancel the flight and hotel accommodation.

Naples is expected to file an appeal on the decision.


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