FilGoal | News | Pique: The club used to spend money to be criticized … Messi deserves everything, and this is what I told him


Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has expressed his anger at the current management of his team led by Josep Maria Bartomeu because of its politics, the Barcagate scandal, and the desire of Lionel Messi, captain and star of the team to leave, among other things.

“It was outrageous for the club to spend money in order to criticize us,” Pique said in an interview with “La Vanguardia” as reported by ESPN.

And he continued, “It is a brutal act, as a player in Barcelona and you see that your team is spending the money – which the management is asking you now – to criticize, not criticizing people outside the club or those who had a previous relationship with us, but to current players as well.”

Barcelona has been hit by a number of problems since the end of last year, when he warned and criticized Gerard Pique, his club management, against using newspapers and their journalists for criticizing them. (See details)

Until the biggest scandal came, when the Catalan radio station Cadena Ser published a report saying that the Barcelona administration had appointed a company that devoted thousands of accounts on social networking sites to its propaganda and to protect the image of Josep Maria Bartomeu, the club’s president and board of directors. In the media known as the Barcagate scandal.

Those accounts attacked a number of current and former players such as Lionel Messi, captain of the team, Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, Josep Guardiola, Juan Laporta, the former president of the club, and others.

The current Barcelona administration spent an amount of nearly one million euros on its contract with the company, and the financial payments were divided among 6 sums paid to different parts of the company. (See details)

Pique renewed his contract, but sent “Porofax” with his signature to protest the club’s decision to try to force the players to cut 30% of their salaries.

The player stated in this regard: “Renewal is one thing, and signing your objection by fax is another matter.”

“Personally, any player has the freedom to voluntarily accept an offer from the club. That is another problem when they unilaterally force you and the way they did,” he added.

“I am totally different with this matter. They did that when a large number of players were with their teams, and they put us all in the same area as the rest of the staff.”

And he added, “As a leader, I will defend the interests of the team and if I decide to sign (Porofax), the dressing room is united, even if they say it is disjointed.”

Barcelona tried to force its players to cut 30% of their salaries due to the material losses incurred by the team over the course of last season. (See details)

Pique touched upon Messi’s crisis during the summer and his desire to leave the team, saying: “How is the best player ever, who we are fortunate to be with us and have fun with, that ends up one day sending a request to leave because you don’t listen to him? It’s shocking what is happening?”

“Lionel deserves everything. The new stadium must be in his name, and after that any brand name you want comes next.”

He continued, “We have to pay attention to our myths, and not underestimate them, it pisses me off.”

He concluded, “I did not speak with Messi much during that period, but I told him that it is an additional year and then new people will come.”

Barcelona prepares to face Real Madrid in the Spanish League on Saturday in the seventh round.


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