FilGoal | News | Raja chief talks about Bannon’s possible move to Al-Ahly


Jawad Al-Zayat, president of Moroccos Raja Club, spoke about the possibility of his player Badr Bannon transferring to Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly completed its agreement with Badr Bannon, Rajas defender, on the details of the personal contract, and it remains only to reach an agreement with the Moroccan club to complete the contract (the details).

“The club does not stand against the wishes of its players, especially if it is a great player and gives the club a lot,” Al-Zayat said in statements to the Orezon channel.

He continued, “If there is a benefit to the player and the club, we must encourage the player to move and this is the most I can say now.”

“There will come a time when we can talk and announce some things, now we cannot disclose them, but the team’s philosophy will not change,” he added.

And he concluded, “If there is a benefit to the player and the team, we must encourage and support him to move, because with these revenues we can reconfigure 10 players and escalate them to the first team.”

Badr Bannon, the 26-year-old Raja defender, extends his contract with Raja until 2022.

Weeks ago, a source close to the player – who refused to be named – told “Al-Ahly agreed with Badr Bannon on the details of the personal contract.”

“The player will receive a salary that is close to the figure announced in the media, estimated at one million dollars,” he added.

When asked about the position of the negotiations between Al-Ahly and Al-Raja, he said: “The two clubs have not reached a final agreement until the present moment, but it is going well.”

He added, “There are no obstacles in the negotiations. Al-Ahly made a very good offer, but it is not like the one currently raised, that it is estimated at two million dollars.”

And he added, “I expect the deal to end with a lower number than the advertiser.”

“Raja is open to selling the player, especially after his contract with Marwan Al-Houdoudi, in addition to the fact that the administration made a promise to Badr to leave if he received a good offer,” he said, speaking of Rajas position on selling the player.

“The only thing that Raja has requested now is to complete the negotiations after the end of the season due to his completion of the league and his participation in the African Champions League,” he added.

When asked whether Badr Bannon received other offers other than Al-Ahly, the source replied, “There are some concerns with Badr from some European clubs, but they are not official offers and are not as strong as Al-Ahly.”

And had revealed earlier that the name of Moroccan defender Badr Bannon was at the top of the list of candidates to join Al-Ahly in light of the club’s desire to support that center. (

See the details)

Al-Ahly includes among its six ranks, Ali Maaloul, Aliu Badji, Aliou Diang, Junior Ajay, Geraldo and Walid Azaro, and Al-Ahly initially needs to dispense with a 6-player player before the new season, and the first three (Ali Maaloul – Ali Badji – Aliou Dieng) The club does not want to dispense with any from him.

In the event Al-Ahly wants to sign a new foreign player, he must dispense with two out of 6 players.

Moroccan football star Raja previously played in the Nahdet Berkane shirt, before returning to Raja in 2015.


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