FilGoal | News | Raja reveals in a new official statement his position on facing Zamalek … and asked to postpone the meeting


Raja club revealed in a new official statement its position regarding facing Zamalek in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.

The return match was scheduled to take place on Saturday at Cairo Stadium, but the Mission of Hope has not yet arrived to prevent it from the Moroccan authorities for infecting 9 of its members with the Corona virus and obliging them to quarantine.

Raja revealed in an official statement the following:

“An urgent meeting was held yesterday, Tuesday, between Fawzi Lakjaa, president of the Moroccan Football Federation, and Jawaz Al-Zayat, president of the club, to study the state of the epidemiological situation of the club and its impact on the second leg.”

On the initiative of Fawzi Lakjaa, an official meeting was held on Tuesday evening between a delegation from the club and the director of the African Union Competitions Committee (CAF) to explain the force majeure that Al-Rajaa is experiencing from the sporting and administrative side and requesting that the meeting be postponed to a later date.

Based on the foregoing, Raja Club submitted an official request at midnight Tuesday to CAF to postpone the meeting due to Corona cases and the impossibility of leaving Morocco in this situation.

Al-Raja club explained that it is still waiting for the decision of the African Union in this regard, and the decision will be announced by the club upon receiving the response.


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