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Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu and all members of the club’s board of directors intend to resign from their posts today, Tuesday.

The Spanish radio station “Radio Monte Carlo” and the Spanish newspaper “Sport” said that Bartomeu and the members of management intend to submit their resignations so as not to endanger the lives of the club members.

The General Council of Catalonia officially announced its rejection of a request from Barcelona to stop the vote of withdrawal of confidence from Bartomeu, according to Radio Monte Carlo.

The council indicated that there was no “health or legal” reason to stop the voting process and indicated that it should be held on time.

On Monday, press reports said that the Barcelona administration sent a request to postpone the vote of no-confidence from Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of the Catalan club, because it was not safe to hold the vote in light of the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic according to the official request submitted, but that request was rejected.

The club had previously announced that November 1 and 2 would be devoted to the no-confidence vote, but it is clear that the matter may never happen.

Barcelona club announced in an official statement earlier that the number of valid votes submitted in the recall campaign exceeded the 16,520 vote barrier, which is the limit permitted to start the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from Bartomeu.

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