FilGoal | News | Smouha: We will ask FIFA and the International Court to repeat the Zamalek match … and we have 70 offers for Hossam Hassan!


Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, said that the Football Association would reject the protest it made to re-match its team against Zamalek in the round of 16 of the Egypt Cup, against the participation of the player Imam Ashour.

Faraj Amer said on the radio program, Stadium 9090, “We will not leave our right, and we will raise the matter to the International Football Association and the Sports Court.”

He continued, “The player’s penalty was leaked through the media before the date of the Smouha meeting … We have all the documents to do so, and if all attempts, locally or internationally, do not succeed, it is enough that we sought our right.”

He added, “We also lodged a new protest against arbitration and paid its fees (5 thousand pounds) to the Football Association. All the experts agreed that the referee overlooked the failure to count a correct penalty kick.”

He continued, “I do not challenge anyone’s responsibility … but the decision may be the result of a lack of experience or competence.”

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Zamalek had defeated Smouha on Monday at the Ismailia Stadium, with two goals for a goal, after resorting to overtime.

While the Disciplinary Committee informed Zamalek that Imam Ashour would suspend one game after his clash with Al-Masry players 24 hours after the Smouha match.

Faraj Amer explained his Facebook post regarding the announcement of the sale of Hossam Hassan, the team’s striker, for 50 million pounds, saying, “I have 50 to 70 offers for a player.”

He explained, “I received many phone calls and e-mails (fax) other than offers from serious and not serious agents, brokers and delegates asking to obtain power of attorney for specific clubs, so I closed the door to all these attempts, and announced what I wrote through my official account.”

And he concluded his remarks in a related context, “I speak with Al-Ahly officials about everything except Nasser Maher, because he is in the custody of Al-Ahly and is loaned out of him, and of course we hope that he will continue with us, as he is a distinguished player, but the decision remains with the Al-Ahly club.”


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