FilGoal | News | Source of Hope for in the Joule: Negative sample 2 players and injury to a new player


A source from Al-Raja club revealed that 14 players were still infected with the Corona virus, after the results of the swab that the players underwent today, Tuesday.

Raja had announced the negativity of only one player during last Sunday’s smear At the time, the player whose sample turned negative was Mohamed Zarida, bringing the number of injured players to 15.

A source from the Raja Club revealed to That the number of currently injured players has become 14, after the 2 players sample were negative and a new player was injured.

A source of hope said: “The results of the smear resulted in the negativity of the sample of Ayoub Naah and Elias Al-Haddad.”

“But the sample also revealed the continued positivity of the remaining injured players,” he added.

The source of Raja revealed, “This comes in addition to the injury of Abd al-Latif al-Jubeira, the defender of the team, bringing the number of injured players to 14.”

He concluded his remarks, “It is scheduled to undergo a new medical examination on Thursday.”

The return match will be held in Egypt next Sunday, after the match was postponed due to injury to the Raja players.


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