FilGoal | News | Tamer Al-Nahhas reveals the position of Bakkar and Pyramids … Gadid Antar, Nedved, and Ibrahim Hassan


Tamer Al-Nahhas, the players’ agent, admitted that there was a problem between Rajab Bakkar and his club Pyramids, which caused his absence during the recent period.

Al-Nahas described the crisis as unjustified stubbornness and wished the matter to end quickly. He also marveled at the attack of some analysts on Marwan Mohsen.

Tamer Al-Nahhas said: “I understand the fans’ attack on some players because of the missed opportunities, but if it comes to officials and analysts, it is a problem, and in fact Al-Ahly has not been affected by that.”

“There is a difference between criticism and mockery of a person for not recording or anything else,” he continued on the Sada Al-Balad channel. Some analysts lacked the correct manner of speech before criticizing Marwan.

He revealed, “We have not considered the matter of loaning Marwan because he is participating with Al-Ahly in more than one tournament, and his exit means leaving for a team inside Egypt, and Marwan refuses to leave Al-Ahly for a team in Egypt.”

The players’ agent stressed: “The assessment by some analysts of Marwan Mohsen saddened me and the best is Walid Salah al-Din, who criticizes any player for his benefit.”

Speaking about his player, Rajab Bakkar, he said: “There is a crisis between Rajab Bakkar and Pyramids, and we do not know its cause until now. Sometimes it is said because of an administrative because of a coach because of the management.”

He explained, “I think that there is no justification and the matter must be resolved. We will hold a session in order to reach a solution that satisfies all parties.”

Al-Nahhas revealed, “Before the Corona period, there was a strong desire from Al-Ahly and Zamalek to join Rajab Bakkar, but things calmed down after the length of the season.”

“Al-Anad is born of stubbornness and Ragab will face crises with Pyramids. The salaries are high. He may sit in the club to get his salary without playing, but we do not want matters to reach that and we seek to solve the problem.”

Speaking about the fact that Ibrahim Hassan moved to the army’s vanguard, he explained, “It is not true that Vanguards of the Army negotiated with me or spoke with Ibrahim Hassan to join him from Pyramids, as he is a player who gets a high contract.”

On Karim Nedved, Al-Nahhas revealed, “Although the player was injured, some clubs have negotiated with me to join him, whether on loan or sale.”

“Ihab Jalal had previously spoken to me that he would like to obtain his services upon his return in which club he will coach,” he added.

Finally, talking about Mohamed Antar, he said: “The Egyptian club highlighted those interested in joining him, and I think it will be on loan and not leaving permanently.”

He concluded his remarks, “The delay in Al-Ahly’s offer and the agreement on the method of payment is the reason why Antar switched to Zamalek, who paid 15 million (cash) to the Assyouti team at the time.”


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