FilGoal | News | The Athletic reveals the reason why Arsenal wanted to dump Ozil during the summer transfers


Arsenal tried to get rid of its player Mesut Ozil during the last summer transfers, but that did not happen and the 31-year-old remained with the London team.

The American network “The Athletic” revealed in a report the hidden reason behind the desire of the Arsenal administration to sell the German player.

The report indicated that when Ozil renewed his contract in 2018 for three and a half years, the contract stipulated that he would receive 8 million pounds as a loyalty reward.

Indeed, Arsenal had to pay that amount at the end of last September.

But Arsenal paid that amount, although it did not take advantage of Ozil at all to exclude him from the squad and to leave his list of participation in the European League.

Ozil has repeatedly confirmed that he is ready to participate with the team if called up.

Ozil had played 10 games under his coach Mikel Arteta with Arsenal before the compulsory suspension due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

But after football activity resumed, Ozil never even appeared in the match lists.

All eyes are now on to see whether or not Ozil will appear in Arsenal’s final list for the current season on October 20 after the end of the summer transfers.


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