FilGoal | News | The Football Association explains the reasons for canceling relegation from the second division and the lower classes


The Egyptian Football Association announced the cancellation of relegation in the second division and the lower third and fourth divisions.

Jamal Mohamed Ali, Vice President of the Football Association, said: “The current season was difficult, exhausting and financially expensive.”

“It was difficult to resume activity, but the committee, at the direction of the state, restored the activity and there were meetings with the clubs to listen to them, and many of them wanted not to complete the activity or cancel the landing,” he said on Radio On Sport.

He continued, “There were a number of proposals, some of which were difficult to implement due to the material conditions of the teams. Therefore, we had to take into account the geographical representation of all Egyptian clubs.”

“The second division was 3 groups, and each group had 12 teams, 5 of which fell, but the descent was canceled and the top 12 groups of the third division were escalated and divided geographically,” Jamal Muhammad Ali revealed.

“The 12 teams were divided geographically, so that each of the three groups that play in the second section has 16 teams,” he added.

And the Football Association explained: As for the second section, it will consist of three groups, each consisting of 16 teams, with a total of 48 teams (the 36 teams + 12 teams winning first place in the 12 groups in the third division) and will be held between each of the three groups. The first of each group goes to the first division, and the players ’registration ends on November 21, while matches begin on November 25.

The deputy of the Football Association completed his statements, “The goal of creating a group for Sinai was to be represented in sports and football, and its representation began through eight teams that will increase later, and the first of its group will go directly to the second class.”

Spinning El Mahalla, Ceramica Cleopatra and Al-Ahly Al-Mutamaz Bank rose, while the Border Guard, Tanta and Masr Club went down to the second division, where they will play next season.

Five clubs were supposed to relegate to the lower division, but the Football Association canceled the relegation, as it had done for the third and fourth divisions.


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