FilGoal | News | The Football Association reveals the reasons for Sassi’s and Imam Ashour’s punishment … and why the announcement was delayed


The Football Association revealed the reasons for the punishment of Ferjani Sassi and Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player, and why the announcement of the penalty was delayed.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association announced the suspension of Ferjani Sassi for 6 matches and Imam Ashour for one match. (See details)

The Football Association issued an official statement saying it: “The Disciplinary and Ethics Committee of the Egyptian Football Association confirmed that its decisions stem from its announced regulations, which have since been reproduced any other punitive regulations.”

The statement added, “This came in response to the inquiries received by the committee about the recent penalties, noting that Article 23 of the Discipline Regulations specified the penalty for assaulting the referee or any of the elements of the game by suspension without specifying the period and a fine of a minimum of 50,000 pounds or cancellation, according to The act and the degree of its difference from one incident to another, and what is the assault and whether it is physical or verbal, which was applied in the case of the player Ferjani Sassi, so he was suspended for 6 matches and a fine of 100,000 pounds after examining all matters related to the incident.

He continued, “As for the penalty for the player Imam Ashour, with one match being suspended and a fine of 50 thousand pounds, the penalty comes from the Discipline Committee’s releases within the limits of its regulations and according to the conviction of its members that this act requires this punishment, and only a grievance is said with it within 72 hours.

The statement continued, “As for why the committee’s decisions were delayed and the consequent performance of the Zamalek player, Imam Ashour, for his team’s match against Smouha, the rule is that the player has the right to participate unless a final decision is issued against him, and the penalty imposed on him is applied once the official notification of it, which was specified by Article 16. From the list, either by e-mail, registered mail, or personal delivery. ”

He continued, “And when the Disciplinary Committee finished its meeting late on Monday evening, it concluded its decision regarding the player that the penalty shall be effective from October 6, the day following the committee meeting, during which the federation management formally notified the club of the penalty.”

The statement ended, “As for why Ferjani’s penalty was imposed, starting from the Smouha match, that is because he was dismissed in the previous match, so he was automatically suspended without the need to notify him of the suspension. Therefore, the penalty issued against him includes automatic suspension and the penalty for the violation he committed, totaling 6 matches.”


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