FilGoal | News | The Liverpool captain praises his goodness: his numbers only happen in computer games


Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson sang what the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah has been doing since joining the Reds in 2017, stressing that all the team’s players benefit by playing alongside him.

Henderson talked about Salah’s numbers, which he described as amazing and the extent of the team’s appreciation for his efforts, in statements, most notably his club’s website, all of the following on the words of the Liverpool captain: –

“Salah’s numbers are amazing. He scored 100 goals in just 159 games. These numbers only happen in computer games.”

“Salah reached this achievement as the third fastest player in the history of Liverpool, the other two Liverpool players who reached 100 goals in fewer matches, Roger Hunt and Jack Parkinson, were in the distant past of Liverpool, which confirms the enormity of his achievement.”

“I should not be surprised, but this confirms once again how fortunate we are to play with him, or to be a fan of the club while Salah plays with the Liverpool shirt.”

“I think Salah’s accomplishments probably deserve more recognition.”

“It is possible that the goals he scored in his first season with us, 44 goals, mean that everything else since then is measured on an unfair and unrealistic scale.”

“As someone who enjoys playing alongside him, I can tell you that I think he is much better now than he was during Season 1. I also think his contribution is more important now than it was in Season 1. As much as he was amazing, he’s just getting better and better.”

“If you look at how we have evolved as a team since the 2017-2018 season, Mohamed’s contribution to that was as big as that of everyone else. He works hard for the team, he makes great sacrifices, everyone on the field benefits from that.”

“I feel that Mo is only praised when he scores goals, and they ignore the many comprehensive contributions he makes during every match.”

* An image showing where Salah’s 100 goals were scored

Salah scored 93 goals out of 100 for Liverpool from inside the penalty area

“I remember the people who said that in his prime, striker Ian Rush was the best defender for Liverpool, and that’s because he defended from the front line.”

“You have to be more than just a player who scores goals and provides crucial passes. Salah is the best example of that, and despite all this he continues to break records.”

“After Salah reaches the first centenary of goals with Liverpool, I am sure that there are a lot of goals in the future, and until he reaches the next centenary, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate him.”

100 goals for Salah, as well as many personal awards and individual and collective titles, and Reds fans hope to surpass Gerrard’s number with 186 goals and to become the fifth player in the history of the Reds to score 200 times.


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