FilGoal | News | The Martyr Ahmed Mansi Youth Center apologizes for not participating in the promotion course for the third division


The first group of the fourth division from North Sinai was supposed to climb to the North Sinai group in the third division, which faces Matrouh’s group on the rise of one of them to the second division, but the Football Association decided to establish a promotion course between the provinces in the fourth division to qualify for the third division.

The Aktiya Youth Center in North Sinai, whose name has been changed to the Martyr Ahmed Mansi Youth Center, the leader of the North Sinai Group in the fourth class, demands direct climb to the third class instead of entering the promotion course due to the security conditions experienced by the people of the village of Aqtiyah and the lack of gathering of players and the difficulty of their participation.

Jalal Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Martyr Ahmed Mansi Youth Center, “We led the North Sinai Group summit in the fourth degree, and we should have qualified directly for the Sinai Group in the third section.”

He added, “The Football Association asked us to go to a promotion course with the governorates of Damietta, Port Said and Ismailia in order to qualify for the third division, but circumstances do not allow the team to participate in the promotion tournament, and we communicated a lot with the Football Association, so the response you had two options, to specify a stadium in the Ismailia governorate or to apologize.”

The president of the youth center continued, “We sent a letter to the Football Association apologizing for not participating in the promotion round. The Football Association sent a letter to the region to identify the next team behind our team.”

Jalal Wasel, “The difficult conditions we are going through caused us to leave our village, in addition to the dispersion of the team’s players in the provinces.”

The Abu Shehata Youth Center in Ismailia completed the offer to host us at its stadium, but we will not be able to participate due to the circumstances, the players also, and move from North Sinai.


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