FilGoal | News | The Moroccan Federation announces FIFA’s refusal to join Al-Haddadi with the national team … and to resort to the Sports Court


Mounir El-Haddadi – Seville – Real Betis – La Liga

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation announced the refusal of the FIFA player law committee to register Mounir El Haddadi within the Moroccan national team.

The Moroccan federation’s statement indicated, “This refusal comes to one of the conditions in the new law regarding the participation of players in the under-21 teams.”

And he continued, “In this regard, Al-Haddadi participated 3 matches with the Spain U-21 national team, while he was two months older than 21 years old.”

The statement continued: “This decision has nothing to do with his participation with the first Spanish national team.”

After talks between the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and the FIFA, the Moroccan Federation decided to appeal to the Sports Court against that decision.

FIFA agreed to the participation of the duo Ayman Berkouk and Sami May with the first team.

Al-Haddadi played for Spain’s U-21 national team in 16 matches, during which he scored 10 goals, and he played only one match for Spain’s first national team in the summer of 2014.

FIFA had approved amendments to the national team representation regulations, and it became possible for a player to change his country’s national team according to 4 conditions, not to have participated in more than 3 international matches with the first team, to be less than 21 years old when another played. His match with the senior national team, the passage of 3 years since his last match with the national team, not to have participated in the continental championship finals or the World Cup with the first team.

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