FilGoal | News | The Settlement and Arbitration Center accepts Abbass case and decides to nullify the Zamalek list


The Olympic Committee’s Settlement and Arbitration Center ruled that the Zamalek list was invalidated by the club’s general assembly two years ago, and which was approved in the summer of 2019.

The ruling denies the invalidity of the list and denies all that resulted from it, including the election of Ahmed Mortada Mansour, Hamada Anwar and Ahmed Adel Abdel Fattah as members of the Board of Directors, and Ashraf Zaki as treasurer, before his resignation.

Mamdouh Abbas, the former club president, filed the lawsuit in his capacity as an active member of the club, and it was accepted on that basis despite the confirmation of Mortada Mansour, the current club president, that Abbass membership was null.

However, the Arbitration and Settlement Center accepted the case, and it ruled that the regulation was invalid.

With the ruling nullifying the list, the Center for Settlement and Arbitration naturally accepted Mamdouh Abbass membership in Zamalek Club.

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