FilGoal | News | The Zamalek doctor reveals to Al-Joule the diagnosis of Hazem Imam and Muhammad Abdel-Ghani


Hazem Imam left the match between Zamalek and Wadi Degla as a substitute after suffering an injury at the end of the first half.

And Mohamed Osama, the doctor of the Zamalek club, said to “Hazem Imam suffers from a strain in the front muscle.”

“The player will undergo an x-ray tomorrow to determine the extent of his injury and when he will return to training,” he added.

Hazem Imam was out on the half-time in favor of Ahmed Eid.

On the other hand, Osama revealed the diagnosis of Mohamed Abdel Ghani, the team’s defender.

Osama said, “Muhammad Abdul-Ghani suffered a bruise in his nose during the meeting, and he will undergo x-rays in order to check on him.”

Mohamed Abdel-Ghani was injured in the seventh minute of the match, but he continued the match until the end, injured.

Zamalek tied negatively with Wadi Degla, in the 32nd round of the competition.

Zamalek is preparing to face the border guards next Monday, in the 33rd round of the competition.

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