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Bruno Fernandez celebrates Manchester United’s goal in Newcastle

After 86 minutes of draw, Manchester United reversed the score and beat Newcastle in a late fourth.

Manchester United beat Newcastle 4-0 at St James’ Park in the fifth round of the English Premier League.

Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandez, Aaron Van Bissaka and Marcus Rashford scored Manchester United’s goals, while Luke Shaw scored a Newcastle goal by mistake.

Description of the match

Newcastle started the game strongly and took the lead in the second minute. A cross collides with Luke Show and changes direction to land at David De Geas window.

Immediately, Manchester United began trying to tie. Rashford fired in the 15th minute, but his ball hit the defense and passed just over the goal.

Then came the equalizer in the 24th minute by Harry Maguire with a header after a cross by Juan Mata on the left side, to end the first half with a draw.

Second half

United continued to press, and in the 58th minute, the team got a penalty, but was unusually wasted by Bruno Fernandez and Newcastle goalkeeper Carlo Darlo saved it.

Ole Gunner Solskjaer pushed Paul Pogba instead of Fred in the 69th minute.

On the other hand, David Moyes paid Ryan Fraser instead of Guillinton in the 73rd minute.

Stir the five minutes

In the last 5 minutes of the match, Manchester United scored three goals in a row.

Bruno Fernandez scored the second goal in the 86th minute. A wonderful exchange of the ball between the players until it reached Marcus Rashford, who entered the penalty area and then passed the ball with the heel to Bruno, who shot it directly into the left scissors.

United came back and scored a third goal in the 90th minute, after another make for Rashford. Aaron Van Bissaka exchanged the ball with Rashford, then Bissaka hit the net, recording the third.

Manchester United was not satisfied with the hat-trick, as Marcus Rashford was the scorer this time in the 94th minute after a long intercourse from Bruno Fernandez, to separate Rashford and score fourth against Newcastle.

The victory raised Manchester United to sixth point in 14th, while Newcastle’s balance stuck at seventh point in 11th.

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