FilGoal | News | Wael Gomaa reveals the truth about his disagreement with Hossam Ghaly .. and tells the scenes of the argument with Fathi Mabrouk


Wael Jumaa, a former Al-Ahly player, revealed the truth about the creativity between him and the duo Abdullah Al-Saeed and Hossam Ghali, the former Al-Ahly player.

Wael Jumaa recounted the scenes of an altercation between the duo and Fathi Mabrouk, the former Al-Ahly coach, and during his tenure as football manager.

“There is great confusion about my relationship with Hossam Ghaly and Abdullah Al-Saeed. There are no problems between us, but an altercation occurred between them and Fathy Mabrouk, the team’s coach at the time,” Jumaa said in radio statements for the program (Tactical Attack).

“The players’ voice rose and I intervened. The next day, Fathi Mabrouk asked me to dispense with them permanently and not see them again at the club, and I tried to calm him down, but he insisted.”

Jumaa I follow, “I tried to reach Alaa Abdel-Sadiq, the team supervisor at the time, and failed. I called the club president, Mahmoud Taher, and offered him the position, and he replied to implement the coach’s instructions. At that time, I informed the players of the decision, and it was over.”

The former Al-Ahly star continued, “This situation was one of the reasons for my departure from the club. The situation worsened after that among the players. The club president made a decision not to travel and the players to travel with the team’s mission to Morocco.”

He concluded, “I felt disrespected because I was implementing the administration’s decisions. But my relationship with Hossam Ghaly is good and he invited me to his retirement match, but I could not meet the invitation due to the flight conditions.”

Wael Jumaa worked as a football manager at Al-Ahly Club from 2014 until August 2015.


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