FilGoal | News | Wenger responds to Mourinho: This is his character … you feel with him that you are in kindergarten


After he released his autobiography, neglecting to talk about a coach who had challenged him for years in the Premier League, and after the statements of Jose Mourinho of Portugal, Arsene Wenger had to respond to the latter, whose relationship with the French has always been tense.

The historical coach of Arsenal, who led the club for 22 years, issued a book in which he narrated his biography with football and did not mention Mourinho, who beat Wenger many times in England.

When Mourinho asked about that, the response was remarkable as usual from “Special One”, saying: “Because he never won me. Why will he remind me? The book is something that makes you happy and proud, so I understand his position.”

After Mourinhos comments, which Wenger described as “provocative,” the latter responded in his interview with Canal +, “It does not bother me what he said.”

“It is a constant provocation. I feel with him that I am in kindergarten, but this is part of his character. What he said is wrong, we defeated him twice. We won, and there were many draws. You are not the one who wins, you only participate in the victory. The whole team wins, the coach is his mission to It brings out the best of the team. “

The rivalry between Wenger and Mourinho began in the 2004-2005 season, with the latter moving from Porto to Chelsea to clinch the league title from Arsenal’s indomitable side.

In 19 matches between the veterans, Mourinho has won 10 times and lost two encounters.

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